A Gamer’s Guide to Eterna

Over a hundred thousand people have played Eterna. The idea that a nonscience person can contribute to front line science by creatively solving puzzles is alluring. Think of the joy and satisfaction of doing something worthwhile while doing something fun.

In A Gamer’s Guide to Eterna, Andrew Murphy writes for the new player. The guide lays out game mechanics, basic game play, tactics and scenarios, and a path to mastery. It details how to identify and solve the motifs that are basic features in the puzzles. It serves as both a practical skill builder and a return-to reference.

Drawing on six years of experience in guiding high school students through Eterna, Murphy starts the guide with a metaphor for the game pieces. The metaphor appears consistently through the main body of the guide, alongside community terminology, to help the reader become a more effective player. Two appendices connect the reader to the broader science and art that make a stimulating and wondrous setting for the game.

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