Keystone Research Solutions, LLC
1121 Annapolis Road, No. 172
Odenton, Maryland 21113-1633
United States of America

What we do

We are a veteran owned small business in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, not far from the Chesapeake Bay. Since 2006, we have offered assistance to scientific research and development endeavors, and have specialized in helping independent researchers and small businesses.

We do field work, consulting work, analysis work, manual work, library and Internet work, tool development, information displays, writing and editing, and problem solving. We do work in the natural sciences, social sciences, history, and genealogy. We do freelance writing. We help for a day, a week, a month, a year or more.

Since 2011, we’ve offered work internships to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and biomedical and allied health (BMAH) senior students in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Our interns work as research assistants to postgraduate and professional science research programs through Eterna (biomedical), Foldit (protein folding), Zooniverse (citizen science portal), and other platforms. Our community service through these internships has been recognized by the 21st Century Education Foundation in Annapolis.

What we have done

We expanded the Odenton Heritage Society museum exhibit for local military members lost in action from World War I through 9/11, and wrote a booklet on the topic, Odenton Area Military Killed in Action.

We assisted astronomy and planetary and solar science projects such as Asteroid Zoo , Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 , Disk Detective , Galaxy Zoo , Milky Way Project , Planet Four , Planet Hunters , Protect Our Planet From Solar Storms , Solar Stormwatch , and SuperWASP Variable Stars .

We researched the military service and family history of a World War II veteran from an isolated newspaper clipping preserved by a nephew.

We consolidated information and wrote the personal history of a World War II refugee for their surviving family.

We assisted ocean and land life studies such as Floating Forests , Jungle Rhythms , Leaf Targeting , Orchid Observers , Plankton Portal , Rainforest Flowers , Seafloor Explorer , and Season Spotter .

We developed a poster sized display of a 57 member, 4 generation family network, and included a birth place map and timeline.

We recorded oral history stories, scanned documents, and photographed artifacts for a group of senior citizens.

We digitized 12 years’ worth of paper notes and documents and photographs for a genealogy researcher.

We helped animal research projects such as Beluga Bits , Canid Camera , Chicago Wildlife Watch , Chimp & See , Condor Watch , London Bird Records , Manatee Chat , PELIcams , Penguin Watch , Snapshot Grumeti , Snapshot Hoge Veluwe , Snapshot Ruaha , Snapshot Serengeti , Steller Watch , Whales as Individuals , Wild Wolf Watch , Wildcam Gorongosa , and Wildebeest Watch .

We created a digital archive of corporate historical documents dating back to the 1940s in the offices of an association in downtown Baltimore.

We designed an activity and status report online system for a Maryland veteran association with 70+ field offices and 20,000+ members.

We assisted biology projects including Brain Match , Cell Slider , Eterna , Foldit , Microscopy Masters , Parasite Safari , and Worm Watch Lab .

We gathered and analyzed questionnaire responses for a researcher studying human communication difficulties at the scenes of medical, police, and fire emergencies.

We built an automated Web based tool to gather time changing data and present it alongside reference information.

We helped projects such as Bash the Bug , Colorado Corridors Project , Cyclone Center , Decoding Punch Cards , Higgs Hunters , HumBug , Muon Hunter , The Plastic Tide , Scribes of the Cairo Geniza , and Understanding Animal Faces .

We proofread and edited the dissertation of a doctoral candidate.

We wrote Templating with FLUIDTEMPLATE, a tutorial on designing a basic web page in the TYPO3 content management system.

We transcribed works for projects including The American Soldier in World War II , Ancient Lives , AnnoTate , Operation War Diary , and Parochial Archive Project in Rome .

We contributed content to Wikipedia, especially adding geographic coordinates to articles.